View Count to 10

Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0-10

View What is the Next Number?

Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence.

View Counting Objects

Match objects to the correct number.

View Counting Objects That are Different

Teach students that objects of different types can be counted together.

View Which Number Comes Next?

Select the number that comes next.

View Count to 20

Practice counting to 20.

View Greater Than or Less Than Under 20

Select the larger number. Greater than or less than exercise under 20.

View Select the Greater Number

Select the larger number without pictures.

View Halloween Addition Under 10

Add numbers up to 10.

View Addition Up to 10 Animals

Add numbers up to ten with a fun animal themed math exercise.

View Subtraction Under 10

Subtract numbers under 10.

View Subtraction and Addition Under 10. Show Your Work.

Draw pictures to represent math problems under 10.

View Matching Addition & Subtraction Problems

Select the math problem that matches the image shown.

View Fill in the Blank Math Up to 10

Use algebraic thinking to solve the problems.

View Add & Subtract Up to 5

Fluently add and subtract numbers up to 5.

View Tens and Ones

Learn about place value.

View Measuring Weight

Compare items by weight.

View Count the Objects by Category

Count objects by categorizing them according to instructions.

View Position - Above, Below, In Front Of, Behind

Describe the position of an object compared to another object.

View Name That Shape!

The student will name the shape that they see.

View Color By Number Pear Worksheet for Number 1

Print our color by number worksheet for the number 1. It provides fun hands-on exposure to numbers.

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