Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets / Printables

Math Pyramid is proud to present over 100 free printable kindergarten math worksheets that will help your student’s knowledge grow while having fun. Each worksheet has a single purpose! Your kindergartener will learn important concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, position, time, patterns, directions and sorting through fun kindergarten math activities like coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting. Keep your little learner busy and engaged through these hands-on worksheets. We even have holiday math worksheets like St. Patrick’s Day worksheets, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas math worksheets.

Numbers 1 - 10 Worksheet

Number recognition is important to young learners, and these number worksheets will help your student become familiar with writing numbers and recognizing them. Worksheets are the perfect hands-on kindergarten math activity!

Worksheets for the Number 1

Worksheets for the Number 2

Worksheets for the Number 3

Worksheets for the Number 4

Worksheets for the Number 5

Worksheets for the Number 6

Worksheets for the Number 7

Worksheets for the Number 8

Worksheets for the Number 9

Worksheets for the Number 10

Worksheets for the Numbers 1 - 10

Big and Small / Short and Long Worksheets

Use these big vs small and short vs long kindergarten worksheets to help your young students learn the difference between big and small objects as well as short and long. Comparisons are a great way to learn basic math concepts.

More and Less Worksheets

Use these more vs. less worksheets to practice the important math concept of more vs. less or greater than and less than.

Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

Math Pyramid has an excellent selection of shapes worksheets for kindergarten students including squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles worksheets.

Circle Worksheets

Square Worksheets

Triangle Worksheets

Rectangle Worksheets

Addition Worksheets

Holiday Math Worksheets

Have fun with math by using these colorful Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween Math Worksheets! We have subtraction, addition, multiplication, division and maze worksheets, and activities!

Subtraction Worksheets

We have the best subtraction worksheets on the internet. Some are picture subtraction while others use numbers or games to assist your students’ learning.

Telling Time Worksheets

Use our telling time worksheets as a hands-on activity for your student to perfect their ability to tell time.

Patterns Worksheets

Practice patterns and help stretch your kindergarten student’s mind. Being able to find patterns is an important part of math learning.

Directions Worksheets

Learn about directions like right vs. left, up and down, and above and below by using our fun math worksheets.

Sorting Worksheets

Sorting is an important life skill, and our sorting worksheets make learning fun and interesting.

Home Spelling Words HomeSchool Spelling Website

We have another website made specifically for the HomeSchool environment. Students can practice, take spelling tests and play games with our spelling lists or you can make your own.

Spelling Stars School Spelling Website

Visit our sister spelling website made specifically for classroom environment. Students have their own login and password. Students can practice, take tests,and play games with spelling lists created by their teachers.

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