Kindergarten Math Curriculum

At Math Pyramid, we believe that students do their best when they learn at a pace that is right for them. We built our kindergarten math curriculum to be dynamic. It means that the games and tests change every time. When students need more math practice, they can play the games over and over to learn each concept completely. Kindergarten students don’t need to move onto the next lesson until they are ready. Each uniquely designed lesson is complete with a video to give a quick explanation of the topic, then a math game to practice what they have learned, then printable worksheets and games for hands-on activities, and finally a short test to see if your student has mastered the topic. The kindergarten math lessons are fun, so your student won’t get bored. By the end of the year, your kindergartener will learn their numbers up to 100 and they will master all basic shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles, be able to tell time, understand patterns, be able to understand right and left, sorting, greater than and less than and basic fractions.