Kindergarten Math Curriculum

At Math Pyramid, we believe that students do their best when they learn at a pace that is right for them. We built our kindergarten math curriculum to be dynamic. It means that the games and tests change every time. When students need more math practice, they can play the games over and over to learn each concept completely. Kindergarten students don’t need to move onto the next lesson until they are ready. Each uniquely designed lesson is complete with a video to give a quick explanation of the topic, then a math game to practice what they have learned, then printable worksheets and games for hands-on activities, and finally a short test to see if your student has mastered the topic. The kindergarten math lessons are fun, so your student won’t get bored. By the end of the year, your kindergartener will learn their numbers up to 100 and they will master all basic shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles, be able to tell time, understand patterns, be able to understand right and left, sorting, greater than and less than and basic fractions.

Unit 1: Numbers 0 - 10

Unit 1 covers the numbers one through ten. It helps student recognize the numbers and understand that numbers can be used to represent objects. Each section ends with a short math test.

Unit 2: Counting

Unit 2 covers counting from one to ten including a test at the end of the unit.

Unit 3: Sizes and Measurement

Unit 3 covers size and measurement. Kindergarten students should understand the difference between big and small, short and long and more and less. This helps them compare numbers later. Each section is complete with a video, games, worksheets and a test.

Unit 4: Shapes and Colors

Unit 4 covers basic shapes: circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. Students watch fun short math videos to help them learn, then play games to solidify understanding. The unit also includes some fantastic free shapes worksheets with hands-on activities. Your student will love this section!

Unit 5: Addition

Unit 5 covers basic addition with the help of objects next to numbers so that students can count to help them along. You will also find some great addition worksheets and games. This unit also ends with a fun math test for kindergarteners.

Unit 6: Position

In unit 8 students will learn position as in up vs down, right vs left and above and below. We've include some educational games to help your student learn as well as a math test at the end of each lesson. Enjoy our custom made up/down, above/below and right vs left worksheets as well.

Unit 7: Sorting

Unit 7 focuses on sorting. Students learn the important concept of sorting similar shapes or objects. This unit comes with sorting worksheets and one of our favorite games, the Egg Sorter. Finish the sorting lesson with a math test.

Unit 8: Subtraction

Unit 8 focuses on subtraction. Students learn how to 'take away' objects and how that number can be represented by an actual number. Helpful videos, subtraction math games, subtraction worksheets and a subtraction test are all part of this unique and helpful lesson.

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