Addition Up to 20

Description: Practice addition up to 20 with objects, numbers and word problems.

Tags: Addition, 1st grade math, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.A.1

Question 1 (Multiple Choice, 10 points)

If you order two slices of pizza, and your friend orders one slice of pizza, how many slices of pizza do you have combined?

Question 2 (Short Answer, 10 points)

If a chef bakes 10 pizzas on Tuesday and 5 pizzas on Wednesday, how many pizzas in total has he baked?

Question 3 (Multiple Choice, 10 points)

Write a math problem and solve it for the following question.

If a farmer harvests 4 green peppers on Thursday, and 12 on Friday, how many green peppers does she have?

Question 4 (Matching, 10 points)

Select the answer for the math problem.

Three mushrooms plus seven mushrooms =
Question 5 (Multiple Choice, 10 points)

The chef is taking equipment to a BBQ. Add up all of the equipment.  How many items will be taken to the BBQ?

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